K&Z have been supporting our business and corporate clients for many years. We've worked across a number of the new property and housing developments throughout the local area.

We have supported a number of site management and contracting firms with landscaping and fencing services, plus helped maintain their site security with hoarding while construction is taking place. It is not just property firms we have partnerships with, K&Z is proud to have helped the local community plus local schools with landscaping projects.

From giant sheds to keep outdoor equipment in for schools or local football teams to fencing for local nurseries. We have a dedicated commercial landscaping team which can help support your business and commercial contracts.

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We work across the local area and have teams working in Aylesbury, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Bicester plus many more of the local towns and villages.


About K&Z

K & Z Sheds are a family run company from Buckinghamshire and have been supporting our corporate clients with commercial landscaping services for over a decade. We support a number of the local property developments and new home builders, plus many more.

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  All staff are fully licensed and qualified with CSCS
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Quality fencing supplier for any commercial business in the local area.

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Decking, hard landscaping, brickwork, groundwork, turfing..... we do it all!

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In our workshop we build our own quality products to fit your requirements

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More about commercial landscaping

When a business has an outdoor space, it’s worth trying to make the most out of it! How many times have you walked through a beautifully designed park, or gotten a fantastic first impression from a well-tended storefront area?  ‘Commercial landscaping’ as a service has a lot to distinguish it from traditional domestic landscaping. Security, appearance and practicality are absolutely key, as is making sure that you and your staff will have the time and resources to keep everything looking spic and span. Many businesses even go the extra mile by installing plants with the same colouring as their logos, or even simply adding garden furniture to give customers a chance to relax. So, what do businesses need to know about commercial landscaping?

Benefits of commercial landscaping

For a typical domestic property, landscaping is all about getting the most out of the outdoor space, as well as adding as much value as possible to the property itself. While the latter perk isn’t quite as relevant for commercial properties, the former is definitely so. Indeed, there are a variety of benefits to investing in commercial landscaping:

  • Make a great impression - Landscaping can add style, colour and comfort to your business, all of which can go a long way in helping it to stand out and attract new clientele. Poor appearances, on the other hand, can make a business look rundown and uninviting
  • Productivity - Commercial landscaping isn’t just good for your customers - it can also make your employees happier in their work environment. Taking care of garden features like flower beds can provide a nice break for their normal routines, or you could even create a small private garden for workers to relax in. The latter options has found newfound popularity in cities like London, where even tiny green spaces can easily stand out
  • Environmentalism - Installing and taking care of plants can help convey the fact that your business is eco-friendly. This is doubly true if you add features such as rainwater collectors or compost bins. You could even put signs up to let customers know about your green practices

Types of commercial landscaping

Naturally, the best landscaping options to suit your business will depend on how much space you have to work with, as well as your budget. An experienced landscaper will be able to make suggestions based on these factors, as well as help you source all of the necessary materials and tradesmen for the work itself. Here are some of the most popular commercial landscaping features:

  • Pathways - Helping customers and employees to get around your outdoor spaces with clear pathways should be a number one priority! This can also help you to keep your business clean, as there will be fewer feet tracking in mud and dirt from the outside. Popular options include gravel, patio slabs, brickwork and even recycled materials such as glass or rubber
  • Flower beds - Flower beds offer a simple way to add a splash of colour to your business. The downside is that wilting plants can create a poor impression, so it may be worth investing in varieties that will either require less maintenance or will be able to survive all year round
  • Lawns/ turf - Everyone can respect a business with a well-maintained lawn! That said, you may want to avoid turfing too large an area, as bi-weekly maintenance on a massive lawn may take up too much time for your staff
  • Roof or vertical gardens - No space for a garden? No problem! Gardens can be quite easily installed on rooftops, or even up walls using trellises, hedge tiles or planting bags. These options are particularly popular in urban areas with little green space
  • Playgrounds - If a large proportion of your customers are parents, they may appreciate you offering a space for their children to play in. Simple playground ideas include slides and swing sets, though safety features such as fencing will be just as important